Roman Vasiliev


Lead Data Scientist/Data Analyst

Lead Data Scientist/Data Analyst with a strong math background and 5+ years of experience in analytics, building business-oriented machine learning models, dashboards, and research. Can extract value from data and establish effective communications with the business. Experience in telecommunications, online/offline retail and related industries.

  • Telegram: @RAVasiliev
  • City: Moscow, Russia
  • Degree: Master
  • Email:


Years in Data Science industry

Hours of courses conducted

Courses created and delivered at top Russian universities

Years of experience in leading teams


Professional Experience

Head of analytical tools development team

July 2022 - now

Yandex.Lavka, one of the largest e-grocery platform in Russia

  • Formed team of 4 DS and 3 DA
  • Created CDT-centred categorical review process, based . As a result, ~50 new SKUs per month in category matrix, ~70% of them are moving to main category matrix
  • Developed new metrics (such as space efficiency, repeat rate, retention, etc.) and dashboards based on them for category managers
  • Organized and calculated AB tests on stores and user levels
  • Lead BI-reporting of commercial analytics (autoorder, pricing, assortment) at the company level
  • Organized product matching process: developed auto-matching model (using NLP approaches)

Lead Data Scientist

July 2021 - July 2022

Magnit, the largest retail company in Russia

  • Created team of 3 DS, 4 BA and 2 DE
  • Managed team backlog, organized developing process and ad-hocs process
  • Implemented culture of using CDT. Developed approach to CDT creation and assortment optimiztion process based on it
  • Developed user-based metrics and integrated it to internal assortment optimization system and BI system
  • Demand forecast model for assortment optimization

Senior Data Scientist

December 2020 - July 2021

Magnit, the largest retail company in Russia

  • Worked on the development of a tool for evaluating the effectiveness of past promos • with expected value more than 1 billion rubles.
  • Developed several modules: Losses, Markdown, Pull Forward, Footfall.
  • Worked on developing a demand forecast model to evaluate promo.
  • Worked with BCG consultans and category managers on creating promo recommendations for Fresh categories.

Data Scientist

December 2018 - December 2020

MegaFon, the largest telecommunication company in Russia

  • Telecom credit products improvement project
    Created process of using ML models in credit project with more than 3 million users: developed default model and tariff policy strategy based on it
  • Anti-Downsell project
    Created segmentation and several approaches to detect downsell in customer groups
  • Customer data upgrading project
    Created ML-models oriented on receiving extra customer properties - gender, age, psychotype on more than 70 million customer base
  • Managed the interns group
    Led the interns groups up to 8 members, supervised their projects, organized the courses of using Big-Data tools in industry (SQL, HIVE, Spark, etc)


Master's degree

2020 - 2022

Moscow State University, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics

Scientific interests: graphs analysis and representation learning

Bachelor's degree

2016 - 2020

Moscow State University, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics Department of Mathematical Statistics

Thesis: Representation learning on large graphs in telecommunication via deep learning methods

Additional Education

  • Changellenge Winter School (top-1 of participants)
    February 2020
  • Course “Practical Machine learning”, “Practical Big Data” by BIGDATA TEAM
  • Deep Learning School by Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology


Start Career in DS

Start career in DS: educational platform for junior data dscientists, created by myself


MegaFon's special course

Gave a series of lectures in the fall 2020 at MSU's CMC department

HSE, Basics of machine learning

Has been teaching classes since seminar 10

HSE, "Financial Technologies and Data Analytics"

Gave lectures and led seminars

AI Masters

Сonducted seminars